Why you should move your office management onto a multiservice platform

At 08.02.2017

Digitizing your office management is an essential step for your business. Our CEO, Sven Hock, shows you why.

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How to stay productive in a noisy environment

At 07.02.2017

Your coworkers are too loud and it's hard for you to concentrate? We've go the cure - check out these tricks in order to stay focused in the office.


10 healthy office habits

At 16.01.2017

Take your new year's resolutions to the next level and create a healthy culture around your collegues. We've gathered 10 tips for your office in order to kickstart your 2017!

how to sit right

How to sit right at work

At 13.01.2017

Office workers spend most of their time sitting at a desk. Here is a selection of a few small changes to your workspace and the way you sit, that can help minimise any potential back pain.


Add some pumpkin power to your office this Halloween

At 27.10.2016

Like it or loathe it, Halloween is just around the corner. For some offices it’s a great excuse for a party, for others it's a day just like any other.

Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence

At 24.10.2016

Your inbox is overflowing, deadlines are looming, time feels like it is running away from you. But perhaps the issue isn’t too few hours in the day, it’s how we choose to use those hours.

Lunch Break

Reclaim your lunch break!

At 19.10.2016

How often do you take a lunch break at work? Not just 10 minutes to grab a quick sandwich but a proper lunch break, away from your desk. Not very often we imagine.

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Ladies and gentlemen: Your new digital control centre for the office!

At 05.10.2016

Everything you need for the office from a single source with only one invoice. With our new web interface you control your office at the touch of a button.


SPO in focus: Meet Anja, our 100th employee

At 04.10.2016

After just 15 months, we have already grown to over 120 employees. What a perfect opportunity to introduce you to Anja, Junior HR Manager and our 100th employee.

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