How we helped: simpleshow

"Service Partner ONE helped us – super-fast and flexible"


Service Partner ONE supports the leading provider of explainer videos with their relocation to bigger office spaces: “We’ve decided on a rather short notice to get new tables. They had to be put up in a very tight timely manner”, explains Mandy Teuber of simpleshow.

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The Challenge

  • Time-critical organisation of planning, purchase and set-up of new office tables during relocation
  • Custom-made solution with a strict budget

The Solution

  • Purchase, treatment and set-up of tables adjusted to individual customers' needs
  • Your reliable partner for everything office related: Service Partner ONE – all from one source

Mandy Teuber

Accounting & HR

About simpleshow

"When we moved to a new office, we needed new tables. Service Partner ONE helped us super-fast and flexible. Our employees are completely happy with their new tables.”

simpleshow makes every complex topic understandable: They are best known for their famous short video clips in which two hands move explanatory drawings on paper into the picture. The former student project from Stuttgart has grown into an international company with over 100 employees in just a couple of years. And the need for simple explanatory videos is still huge. Not only startups use simpleshow to promote their innovative ideas, also global corporations such as Microsoft, eBay, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Novartis and Telefónica trust the well-tried format to explain internal processes, new products and services in a way that is understood internationally.

simpleshow now not only offers its famous papercut-clips, but also custom-made animated videos and many more digital explanatory formats -almost everything about simple knowledge transfer. And the company continues to grow: in Berlin alone, more than 45 employees work for simpleshow.

The challenge they were facing

Of course, with rapid growth, comes a lot of moving offices. Their previous office spaces have recently become too small and the entire Berlin office had to move, possibly without interrupting any ongoing business. The complex project was managed by a very small team led by Mandy Teuber and Michaela Göers who are ususally responsible for accounting and HR topics.

One of the many unique challenges of the move was the subject of the tables: "We have seen great tables at our new office-neighbors Simplesurance," says Mandy Teuber. "We quite liked the clever combination of high-quality oak wood panels and table legs from IKEA. It looked like an attractive, yet affordable alternative to a custom-made solution for our specific needs." But getting the tables into the office turned out to be a major operation that the team could not realize alone. "Luckily, a co-worker had gotten a business card from Service Partner ONE. The team accepted our challenge and supported us: all oak boards were quickly bought up from different Bauhaus stores throughout Germany. They then had to be fnished by a carpenter. We had a hole milled in for the monitor cable, the edges have been rounded, and finally they were painted."


Custom-made for a special price

"Thanks to the flexible and fast support by Service Partner ONE, we didn’t have to deal with the organization of the tables in the middle of the relocation. Thanks to their direct and superfast help we were able to keep the cost within our desired budget -if we had done everything ourselves, it wouldn’t have been cheaper”, says Michaela Göers.