techstars METRO

techstars METRO

"We were looking for a solution that would lift many of the difficult tasks of an Office Manager from our shoulders. In Service Partner ONE, we found a reliable support for all the things that we just don’t want to personally take care of, because they would take 90% of our time and just generate 10% of value," explains Kyla Moss, Program Manager at Techstars Metro in Berlin.

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The Challenge

  • 40 people, one kitchen, business around the clock
  • No time and resources for extra cleaning
  • Numerous special tasks for craftsmen
  • Planning of special events on short notice: Thanksgiving Dinner, Startup Safari

The Solution

  • Daily kitchen cleaning
  • Passionate event organisation
  • Dedicated craftsmen support
  • Your partner for everything office related
Kyla Moss

Kyla Moss

Program Manager at Techstars Metro in Berlin

"You guys saved our lives many times. You made our lives so much easier and have
taken so much off of our shoulders. I tell all my friends who manage offices about you!"

Techstars is one of the most renowned startup networks in the world. Young entrepreneurs from all over the globe come together during its mentorship-based accelerator programs. Experts of the tech industry take them under their wings and prepare them to present their business ideas in front of elite investors. In Germany the US company partners up with one of the most important international retail companies, METRO GROUP. Together they boost innovative tech startups from the gastronomy industry.

The challenge they were facing

In such a buzzing and excited atmosphere, it's easy for the little things to slip. In their own words:

"In our premises we have ten startups working three months around the clock on their ideas. It’s a constant coming and going of 25 startup employees, our ten co-workers of Techstars and at least four to five visitors a day. On top of that we have ten mentors coming in each day during the first month. Time flies until the big demo day and no-one can allow himself to waste precious time cleaning the shared kitchen."

How Service Partner ONE changed things

We not only took care of the cleaning (both internal and at events), but made sure we came at our tasks, with the same level of enthusiasm and innovation as they would any project.

"We are an American company. This year many of us couldn’t be home with our friends and families for Thanksgiving. That’s when Service Partner ONE came into play to ease our homesickness a bit, by setting up a real traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for us. Complete with original Pumpkin Pie, a nice turkey and proper cranberry sauce,” tells Kyla Moss.

Service Partner ONE also took care of the catering at an external event called Startup Safari in the premises of Techstars with over 50 guests. And we could even help with difficult special tasks: "We are based here in a historical building that accommodated parts of the GDR government in East Berlin. When one of the rooms was refurbished workers discovered two walls that were covered with fan pictures of pop stars from the seventies, some of them even from the West. Apparently they’ve been put there secretly, well hidden from the eyes of their bosses, by official employees of the GDR government, maybe even Stasi itself," laughs Kyla. "Of course we had to protect this historical monument! That’s why we were required to put up special Plexiglas walls in front of the pictures. That was an enormous effort and exactly the sort of difficult task that Service Partner ONE took care of."

"In addition to that a lot of smaller tasks which we didn’t expect keep coming up. Again and again there’s something new that makes me think, OK, let’s call Service Partner ONE and let them do it. It saves us a lot of trouble, time and money to be able to rely on a strong partner that we can trust with such tasks and don’t have to sift through all those different suppliers and service providers and make difficult decisions. Thank you very much for all of your creative ideas and flexible help, you literally saved our lives many times!"

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