Who is Service Partner ONE?

Service Partner ONE is your smart partner for modern office management. We offer you a comprehensive service package, tailored to your needs, be it office cleaning, supplies such as loo roll, fruit, coffee and beverages, small repairs and much more.

What services can I get from Service Partner ONE?

We're here to provide everything a happy office needs:

What benefits does Service Partner ONE offer in comparison with my current supplier?

The benefits at a glance:

What is our ServiceBASE?

ServiceBASE is an iPad installed in your office, free of charge, with which all services are managed. Additionally, ServiceBASE is used to communicate with your Service Partner ONE customer advisor.

What does it cost to use ServiceBASE?

It is free of charge, you only pay for the hours rendered by service personnel and deliveries received.

What do I use the iPad for?

The ServiceBASE is used to control and book all services. This includes, among other things, log in and log out of service personnel, allocation of tasks and work instructions, as well as the possibility to leave comments and notes. For 100% transparency and customer satisfaction.

What does it cost to clean my office?

Costs depend on several factors, i. e.:

To prepare an individual quotation, we'll arrange an appointment to view your office.

Our property management already provides for cleaning in the lease, can I still contract Service Partner ONE?

Yes, of course. The services included in a lease often provide only basic services and are inadequate for most tenants. With Service Partner ONE you can book additional cleaning days or services (for example, to clean inner glazing, windows, desks or kitchen appliances) as well as many other supplementary services, including supply of consumables for sanitary facilities and the kitchen. All other services, such as caretaker/maintenance services, beverages, fruit or office supplies are also available separately.

Do I have to provide cleaning materials?

No, Service Partner ONE provides everything necessary for cleaning. We ensure that the products are correctly used in the most appropriate manner for your office. All we need is you to provide us with a small storage room to keep the equipment and cleaning agents.

What happens in case of damage?

Service Partner ONE is comprehensively insured: any damage caused is quickly and efficiently covered by our liability insurance.

Who receives access to our premises?

We have set cleaning personnel assigned to each property; only they can access your premises. Your designated service personnel is displayed on the iPad. They are briefed regarding your premises and you can easily communicate with them via ServiceBase.

Can I decide on a flexible basis when tasks should be carried out?

Yes, you can freely decide when your tasks should be carried out. In general, our cleaning personnel work outside of normal office hours - i.e. weekday mornings from 5am until arrival of your employees and evenings from 7pm onwards. Craftsman tasks, as well as delivery of fruit, beverages or consumables take place during the day. With a subscription you receive delivery dates to coincide with your fixed appointments. With on-demand bookings, you can adjust, change or suspend delivery dates on request.

How do I contact the cleaning staff if I want to leave a message?

Communication takes place directly via the iPad or the web-based service platform. Messages, additional tasks or questions can be entered there. The service personnel automatically receives these by the next appointment.

How do I contact Service Partner ONE?

You can reach us by e-mail at london@servicepartner.one, by phone 020 8017 2133 or via the callback function with ServiceBASE.