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Why hipster coffee trends will become a workplace norm


90% of the British workforce would prefer a happy office environment rather than an extra day’s holiday – fresh fruit, daily treats and coffee are strong contenders to make your workforce smile.

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Moving your office management into a mobile multiservice platform


Guest article by our CEO Sven Hock about the future of office management and the advantages of cloud and mobile solutions.

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Black Diamond: Average Cost of Coffee in U.S.


USA Today picked up our Coffee Price Index 2016 and used it for an infographic.

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HR unhappiest at work… & coffee's the answer


HR takes more genuine sick days (4.3) and sick days due to unhappiness (3.1) than any other profession, according to research by Service Partner ONE.

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The average British worker loses 70 working days a year by being unproductive in the office - but coffee machines could be the answer


A study by office services provider Service Partner One found that the average worker takes 2.8 sick days per year - and 1.5 of those days are taken due to unhappiness at work.

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Survey provides boost for breakroom resellers


According to research from office management firm Service Partner One, workers who have access to coffee machines at work reported that they were productive for an average of 24 minutes more each day than those who didn’t have fresh coffee on tap.

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