Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services

Top quality cleaning from recommended providers

We work exclusively with recommended, certified cleaning professionals to get your office looking its best.

Fully-rounded service, with materials provided

Our cleaners provide all the equipment and materials needed, so you don’t have to. They also refill consumables such as toilet paper and soap at no extra cost.

No matter what, you’ll get the quality you need

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. If your regular cleaning staff are unavailable or off sick, we’ll make sure to find a replacement in advance.

Free iPad with ServiceBase provided

Connect instantly with your cleaning personnel, providing them with checklists of what needs to be done and allowing them to feedback directly

Day-to-day upkeep, intensive cleans and specialised service

We will happily tailor our services to suit your office needs. Below are some examples of the services we regularly offer.

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Maintenance Cleaning

Basic office cleaning - including rubbish disposal, wiping of work surfaces, bathroom and kitchen facilities - should be done every day. Not only does it ensure proper hygiene standards, but boosts moral and shows off your company in the best possible light.

Staircase Cleaning

Because every office is different, there is no set rate for staircase cleaning - the price is calculated primarily on the time it takes to clean, and number of floors. We’re happy to discuss this on a case by case basis.

Intensive Cleaning

Perfect for when you have clients visiting, or want your office to feel particularly bright. All details are noted and thoroughly cleaned (including skirting boards, light switches, lamps etc) and very strong cleaning agents are used to ensure total sanitation.

Window Cleaning

It’s standard to clean office windows around twice a year. In certain industries, such as car showrooms, special emphasis is placed on clean, well maintained and impressive windowpanes - in which case, we’ll happily arrange for more regular sessions.

Registry Cleaning

We pride ourselves on our confidentiality. Working regularly in sectors such as banking and insurance, we know that compliance and care are absolutely key. No matter what your company, we ensure total safety of your office equipment and documents.

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