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“We had the spontaneous idea to do something about the healthy nutrition of our employees and have fruit baskets delivered to each of our approximately 300 branches in eastern Germany,” explains Christian Hassel, Member of the Executive Board, Inland East, at Commerzbank AG in Berlin. “Luckily, I had recently found out about Service Partner ONE, with which we were able to organise the whole idea within a week and effectively implement it just in time. Since then I know who I can turn to, no matter how crazy an idea I may have,” laughs Hassel.

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The Challenge

  • Fruit baskets for 300 branches and over 2,000 employees, delivered punctually
  • Service and catering for top management meetings

The Solution

  • Fast, flexible and professional implementation, tailored to meet individual customer requirements
  • A central contact point for all matters relating to the workplace: Service Partner ONE – everything from a single source
Christian Hassel

Christian Hassel

Member of the Executive Board, Inland East, Commerzbank AG

Commerzbank AG

“Smart, fast and extremely creative. Our office managers are highly impressed with Service Partner ONE!”

“I met Sven Hock at an investors’ day, where he presented his business model. My colleague, who accompanied me at the time, and I both had the immediate impression that Sven’s enthusiasm and the drive of the Service Partner ONE team would go well with the upbeat atmosphere at Commerzbank,” says Christian Hassel.

“One week later, I then sat down with Jenny Friese. As Executive Vice President, she’s responsible for our retail banking in eastern Germany. We were discussing how we could make our large scale internal communication a little more informal. In that moment, my conversation with Sven from Service Partner ONE came to mind. I thought, wait a moment, they also deliver fruit baskets – we could send them to our branches as a surprise. We thought it was a super idea and, without further ado, I called Sven on a Friday afternoon and told him: ‘Listen, we need fruit baskets in 300 branches for over 2,000 employees by Wednesday or Thursday next week. Can you manage that?’ Sven was speechless for a brief moment but then said, sure – our Operations Team is really great, they’ll get it done,” remembers Hassel. “Then I flew to Frankfurt on Friday evening for meetings where, later that night, I updated the list with the branches once again and sent it out. On Sunday I had already received a picture of a sample fruit basket. It all went according to plan and the following week the baskets were delivered,” says Christian Hassel. “The idea went down very well with our employees and everything worked out perfectly. Delivery to our branches was carried out correctly and on time too! Not so easy after all, as we wanted the baskets delivered during our business hours. If we had had to inform our employees beforehand, the surprise would have been ruined.”

“The whole thing was really well organised. It didn’t only go down well with our employees but also with our management, to the extent that we went on to consider what other areas we could work in with Service Partner ONE. The next thing we decided was to regularly obtain catering and beverages from Service Partner ONE at our management meetings. At the monthly meetings, our branch managers from eastern Germany get together and are hosted here internally – where breakfast, snacks and lunch are then served. That also works perfectly and we are very happy with the quality and service,” says Hassel.

Since then, Service Partner ONE has remained a strong partner for Commerzbank, and not only in terms of healthy nutrition for our employees. We also use their wide portfolio for special occasions and exclusive events where customers with high expectations are concerned. What really impressed me was the idea of getting all services concerning the office from a single source so ultimately all the services are consolidated in a clear bill and you don’t have to collect from countless contacts,” states Christian Hassel. “In short, Service Partner ONE provides precisely the right support for us as a modern bank and for our growth in the discerning private customer segment.”

Christian Hassel von der Commerzbank